Aretha Franklin Weight Loss

Inspiring Stories of Weight Loss from Celebs

Everybody knows that Hollywood puts a premium on slim celebrities. It seems that tinsel town is mainly inhabited by gorgeous men and women without an excess amount of fat in their bodies. From fit actors to svelte actresses, it’s no wonder people aspire to lose weight and be like their favorite movie stars. The pressure to be thin is felt most by the celebrities themselves. Whether losing weight for their careers or their health, these stars’ weight loss stories are ones for the books.

Aretha Franklin

Another big makeover came in the form of an Aretha Franklin weight loss surprise. The iconic singer lost 85 pounds after a health scare brought her into surgery. On “The View”, the diva commented that she felt better than ever and will be doing her best to keep the weight off. Who wouldn’t want to emulate the Aretha Franklin weight loss of 2013 — sans the scary surgery, of course?

Star Jones Reynolds

The former The View co-host came clean in 2007 about having gastric bypass surgery to drop 160 pounds. Though experts advise that this type of surgery isn’t a permanent fix it is a viable option for extreme obesity. It’s important to maintain a healthy diet after getting bariatric surgery in order to keep the weight off.

Kelly Osbourne.

The daughter of famous rocker Ozzy Osbourne shot to fame after their family starred in a reality show, The Osbournes. Back then, Kelly was a chubby teen who wore black clothes and gothic makeup. After a brief sting on Dancing with the Stars, Kelly decided to stop her emotional eating and was able to drop 50 pounds. Now, the 26-year-old is a size 2 and a sophisticated fashionista.

Jennifer Hudson

The Oscar and Grammy winner’s new body rivaled the Aretha Franklin weight loss story for impact. In 2012, Hudson wowed Hollywood with her slim physique. In order to portray the role of Nelson Mandela’s wife in “Winnie”, the former American Idol contestant had to lose her baby weight. Working out and keeping up with the Weight Watchers program seemed to do the singer/actress a lot of good.

Christian Bale

Another actor slimming down for his craft is Christian Bale. He lost an eye-popping 63 pounds in order to play an insomniac in “The Machinist”. He did so by over exercising and only taking supplements. By bypassing food and working out, the actor dropped down to 122 pounds. Considering his 6-foot frame, you can only imagine how thin he was on the movie.

Keeping healthy and happy is an important factor in losing weight. For these celebrities, having the time and resources to trim down is easy. For normal people, aspiring to lose weight should come from a desire to be healthier and not to fit it. Take it from these stars; feeling great is a result of looking great – and not the other way around. Drastic weight loss is dangerous for any person so be careful with how you choose to diet or exercise.